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Each e-book contains 3 full length novels for 8-12 year olds on CD Rom. They are readable on any computer using an internet browser such as Windows Explorer or similar. No connection to the internet is needed. Simply place the disk in your CD drive and the e-book will automatically open.

The Demon's Secret

A hidden letter in a cellar leads Will, Misha and Matti on a quest to decode an ancient secret - or face catastrophe!

Cannis Major Mystery

Rumours of UFOs, a mysterious epidemic and a buried Egyptian statue herald the start of Harry, Lizzie and Robbie's battle to stop powerful Chemocare Corporation from destroying their land.

Raven Jack and the Fire of Doom

Kevin, Tom and Jasmin lose their football in a wasteland occupied by tramps and find themselves in a race to stop a terrible disaster.

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The Beast of Biddersley Grange

A sinister creature in a wall, a fanatical Victorian with a dangerous obsession and a secret diary are just a few of the mysteries found by a group of children at Bidderley Grange.

The Stones of Power

The second book sees the children in trouble with a ruthless, telepathic Egyptian princess. A weird stone appears in the Headmasterís study and visitors from out of time add to the chaos.

The Lords of Time

Victorian Gothic fuses with sci-fi, as 2 young time unit cadets are sent to clear up the dangerous meddling at Biddersley Grange.

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When Magsí and Richardís archaeologist parents unearth an ancient cemetery in Italy, Mags must unmask a powerful sorceress - before an age old curse strikes down the local children.

The Hounds of Darkness

The Neville cousins of Brancepeth Castle find themselves caught in a web of mystery, linking them to their 14th century ancestors. They become guardians of a terrible secret that threatens their world.

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Stars upon the Ceiling

An old woman turns over Tarot cards, high on the cliffs, and forges strange connections with a group of young psychic researchers in the seaside town below.

The Silent Pool

Denise falls for the psychic researcher who is investigating her automatic writing - and messages from the dead take an unexpected twist.

A Posy for Poll

In the school play, Belinda plays the part of Polly, a legendary local girl who disappeared at the Samhain ball - but the past springs sinisterly to life.

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